As a band we became this incredibly close knit group of friends. Eduardo, the most stoic looking one of the group when onstage is so quick to laugh at anything. He’s a big kid. Love it. It was so cool to see each guy open up and be who they really are. Roberto, somewhat reserved at first became such an integral piece of the band with his monstrous talent on the bass. Enrique? You could just look at him funny and he’d laugh and wear the biggest smile on his face at all times. A joy to be around. Bob? He’s our peace loving yogi who has to be one of the most laid back guys you’ve ever seen but a bundle of inner energy. Walks everywhere!! Our own John Lennon of the band.

It was interesting working with Brian who speaks very little English which was even less when we started together a year and a half ago. He and I were in the same boat – sometimes we’d be rehearsing and everything has to be translated into Spanish for him, where we’re going in the song and then other times, they’d all be going a mile a minute in Spanish, laughing away and I’d be sitting there, with a bold question mark hanging over my head. In the end? We all understood each other through music, laughter, tears… Music connected us. NOT lost in translation.

Pictured above, L-R: Eduardo, Roberto, Enrique, Brian (Bob not here).

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